Hand chakras for enhancing energy healing power

There are chakras all over the body not just down the center of the torso and the hand chakras are more powerful than you might know. You could be using your energy all ready and not even be aware of it. These centers are important even though they are considered to be secondary. The pranic healing energy is used by nurses, massage therapists, acupuncturists, artists and more. There is a current of energy meridians that run through the body and it can be manipulated. You can do anything you put your mind to.


Any energy that is manifested through the hands can become your gift to humanity in many ways, drumming, piano, doctor, cooking, woodworking and even fishing. When you are just beginning you can begin to your rub your hands back and forth together like you would when your hands are cold. Keep rubbing and eventually you can pull the hands an inch or so apart and feel the vibration, you can also push them together slightly and feel it, the pressure. You can slightly push the hands together to as if you are going to close them and feel the energy even more. You can open and close your palms back and forth to “see” and feel the energy between them. Keep practicing each time pulling the hands farther apart and moving them closer together to feel the pressure. Eventually you can play with the energy and make it a ball. For some this may take days of practice and others will be able to do it in the first day or two.

You start with rubbing your hands together to activate your energy or get the energy up. There is more to your hands than meets the eye. You will be able to feel your fingertips and the palm of your hands pulsating. Practice whenever you think of it or are sitting with some time to spare. There is no hurry. The more you practice the better you will become over time. Another way to open the hand chakra is to close your hand into a fist and open your hand all the way. Do this 30- 50 times till it feels clear. This feeling will become clearer to you over time.

Reiki is a laying of hands treatment that uses the body and its energy field. The healing practitioner does not actually touch your body. The hands remain above the skin or body part always by a few inches. This takes a lot of practice with a personal teacher. One of the things a Reiki Master and or even someone doing massage does is to open your blockages in your energy. When you are blocked your energy may feel heavy or you may feel heavy in spirit and removing the blockages allows your energy to flow again and bringing in fresh energy like the sunshine coming in to a dark room, you will be able to tell the difference in the energy. If you sit too long or are under a lot of stress, or have been in a negative environment or people the energy can affect you. You need to change your energy.

To use your energy for healing many things can happen. There is no one right way to see or feel your energy healing yourself or someone else. It is a kind of meditation. Some people can see their energy going to work, or see the aura of their energy. To begin like this you may envision or imagine a blue, gold or white light coming from your heart center and flowing through your chest, then shoulders and out of your hands to the other person or to your injury or even your house plants for an example. Summon the lite and “see” the healing light going into the chakra or injury and it getting better.

The blockages you are removing are energy blockages from old hurts, traumatic events or fears where your energy got stuck. The stagnation can cause an injury or a place where the old energy stays there until you are made aware of it and it can be released. If you’ve had a massage it is not uncommon for men, women and children getting the massage clients to feel like they want to cry or full out cry and release the tears. This is old hurt energy being released. You may have heard the phrase “the body has memory.” You may have forgotten all about it but as it comes up the old feelings may feel as if they come from out of now where or like you were not even thinking about that and out it flows. Let it flow don’t try to hold it back. The therapist has experienced this many times with many clients. It is a good healthy release, certainly better than addiction, pain, or the drugs you may be used to cover it up or hide from it.